Courtlyn Jones, A Creative Life of Her Own Design

“Female creatives are overlooked and undervalued, especially in corporate. And it can be extremely lonely, especially as a freelancer,” Courtlyn Jones, a graphic designer and visual artist, shares.

Jones is also the CEO and founder of The Design Database which she created out of a personal need. The Design Database is the leading online community and job platform exclusively catered to female creatives who want to connect with like-minded individuals and ultimately create their dream careers.

Courtlyn Jones, Design Database
Photo by Audren Tappan

Prior to creating The Design Database, Jones had experienced her share of toxicity in the creative industry as a woman. Three different professional experiences added up and pointed Jones toward something else. One was landing her first real full-time designer job and hating it. Then, she was laid off from that job due to COVID-19. Afterward, she landed a job at her “dream company” as a graphic designer, but this wasn’t what she thought it would be. “I ended up absolutely hating that job, too.”

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