Hate Waking Up at the Crack of Dawn? Rise and Thrive, Lady, You are Awesome!

Angela here, the shutterbug behind the lens at Angela Atelier. Let’s talk about the perks of being an early bird. Now, I ain’t no stranger to waking up at the crack of dawn. I’ve been rising with the sun without an alarm clock for as long as I can remember.

This year, I decided to experiment with my wake-up time because it didn’t make sense to be at my desk at 5 a.m. every morning like I have for the last ten years; I no longer commute to my Corporate job. I’ve been building my business in the wee hours before my workday started. Now that this was not the case and I had all day to work on my business, I questioned why this was still my habit. Can’t I sleep in a little, please?

Waking up at the crack of dawn has its downside.

The other (and more important) reason is that being an early riser means I’m early to bed. By 5 p.m., I’m a bit fried, so I switch gears to cook or even do laundry, anything but work. I’m sometimes in bed by seven, reading a book and out like a light by 9 o’clock.

If you’re a business owner, you know there are many networking events in the evenings. Being an early-to-bed, early-to-rise person can be frustrating because you either have to push yourself to your limits or decide to miss out. Many evening events have a social vibe to them—you’re done with your work day, and now you can make connections and enjoy a nice meal with like-minded women, so missing out hurts sometimes.

So, I tried burning the midnight oil, hitting the snooze button, and even lounging in bed when I should’ve been up and at them to see if I could flip the switch on my circadian rhythm. Long story short (too late for that), it didn’t work. I would go to bed at midnight and still wake up by five (in a grumpy way). So, I was left with only one thing to do—embrace my natural ebb and flow and work with it.

Embracing the upsides of waking up at the crack of dawn

Now, let’s discuss the five benefits of being an early riser.

  1. Productivity
  2. Mental clarity
  3. Health benefits
  4. Time for exercise
  5. Proactive mindset

As an early riser, I have more quiet, uninterrupted time in the morning, which I dedicate to working on my blogs, business strategies, and anything that needs my uninterrupted time. By the time most people wake up, I already have done most of my heavy lifting.

Also, having a peaceful and calm morning routine gives me mental clarity and a positive mindset because I get microdoses of meditation and my workout. I am also proactive with planning and organizing my day, leading to greater control and accomplishment.

Here’s an article from Psychology Today about how early risers are generally happier. In hindsight, I tend to agree.

Getting my daily workouts done in the morning helps me maintain good health and strength, which is crucial for my photography work that involves physical activity. Additionally, research suggests that individuals who wake up early tend to have better sleep quality and establish consistent sleep patterns, improving overall health and well-being. I can confidently say that I have been experiencing better sleep since I started to go against my natural sleep clock.

In closing, embracing my natural ebb and flow as an early riser and seizing the morning’s productivity is my balance…there is no “if,” “and,” or “but.” Maybe you’re a night owl and probably at a networking event with the girls–the ones I can’t get to. But do revel in the quiet hours after everyone else has gone to bed because recognizing and appreciating the unique advantages of my preferred schedule allows me to make the most of my time and energy. I’ve experimented with and now honor my rhythms, and maybe we’ll meet during a day event or when I can push a bit to get an evening one.

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