When you're
building an empire,
branding photos can feel like the last thing
you want to do

Your objections are real!

As a female entrepreneur myself, I totally get it
– investing in professional branding photos can feel daunting.

But as these concerns loom you're held back.

"Will it be worth the cost?"

"I'm not photogenic enough."

"I don't have the time for a photo shoot."

"What if it doesn't represent my brand accurately?"

"My brand is still a work in progress."

Which is where I come in...

The impact of standing out with a strong, authentic visual presence that ELEVATES your business, ATTRACTS your ideal clients, and GIVES YOU THE CONFIDENCE to step out into the world with your unique story.

It's an investment in your success that speaks volumes without saying a word.

We provide solution-based packages that meet you where ever you are in LIFE and your brand-building journey, so you  never invest more time or money than you've got.

We approach every shoot with a strategy, regardless of its size, so we achieve your desired result, your brand will be captured beautifully, and you will utilize every image. 

We are experts in our craft, so you don't have to worry about being photogenic. We provide a fully guided shoot with posing direction to ensure you come across confident and beautiful. 

By removing the overwhelm, we make your brand photoshoot possible.





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The tailored session

refresh mini

power portraits

A complete and customized branding experience including a luxurious four-hour photoshoot that renders an extensive collection of branding images.

A convenient but uncompromising branding experience that renders a smaller collection of branding images in a fraction of the time and energy. You show up and we do the rest.

Special events in NY and NJ that render your essentials to get you up and running powerfully and at a phenomenal price.

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what to wear


On this day you get to experience what it's like to have a small entourage. You show up as the leader of your business with a vibe curated just for you. I will coach, pose and direct you--body language and expressions--to capture your brand story. 

Once you walk out, you're done because together we select your best images on the spot.

I take the stress off of you by giving you everything you need to prepare for your shoot with confidence, including a prep and style guide and wardrobe resources including access to our studio wardrobe. 

No two brands are alike. I roll up my sleeves to dig into the details of what makes you unique. Your voice, strengths, values.

design & plan

our tailored experience

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in studio or on location.

our images burst with life, color, and mood.

here's what i'm really good at

Designing your shoot strategically, so you use every photo

Posing you to accentuate your best features, while being natural and authentic

Making your branding shoot NOT feel like work

foggy ideas are keeping you down

Yes, please!

Get our free brand clarity guide and say hello to a clear understanding of what makes you unique and how to communicate to your ideal client.

“Angela Atelier did the branding photoshoot for my insurance agency. Her energy is truly great, and my team loved working with her. I am usually uncomfortable in front of the camera and her ability to capture my personality and brand was terrific." 


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