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Our photo studio is not just about capturing beautiful images; it's about creating an experience that transforms. We believe in the power of women to see themselves in a whole new light. When you feel inspired and confident, your true power shines through like never before. 

Welcome to Angela Atelier – where your inner strength takes center stage.

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“Angela is a fantastic photographer and very personable. She makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, so if you’re nervous about taking pictures, Angela Will definitely alleviate your fears.."


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I'm a New Jersey-based portrait and personal branding photographer. My mission is to celebrate the modern woman in all her glory. She has a unique story filled with challenges, triumphs, and abundant untapped strengths. She is a caregiver, a professional, an activist, and a survivor. She deserves to have her story told and captured in photography but often needs to figure out where to start.

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