The Truth About DIYing Your Personal Brand and 2 Ways to Stop

Hey there, fellow entrepreneurs and creative souls! I’ve learned the truth about DIYing your personal brand, and I’m here to share it with you. If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent countless hours tweaking and rethinking your brand. From constantly redesigning your website to second-guessing every little change, the struggle is real, am I right? But let me tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

DIYing Your Personal Brand Means Endless Rework

When building your brand on the DIY, you may spend years on the “rethinking and second-guessing track.” Take our websites as an example, where you might invest hundreds of hours in creating the perfect look, only to make hundreds of tweaks later as you discover new elements that better tell your story. When you’re going at it solo, it’s normal for your brand to go through multiple facelifts. This process represents “rethinking your brand.”

I’ve had some guidance from my mentors, but for the most part, I’ve been navigating this branding journey on my own. And let me tell you, it’s been a slow grind to get it just right. I’ve jumped from website host to website host, looking for the proper templates. And only to find that even templates I thought I loved initially, I hated them because they were too rigid or something else wasn’t right.

DIYing Your Personal Brand Means Frustration

First, I had a few issues here. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. I would only figure it out once I saw it, and even then, I didn’t understand why I was drawn to it. Personal Branding is all about self-discovery, so understanding yourself is crucial to the process. You must delve deep, not just know that you love a specific color or font, but understand why you love it. So, if you’re eking out DIYing your personal brand right now, you’re probably feeling lost and frustrated.

When you bring in professional branding experts, they come equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to capture the essence of your brand fully. This ensures your brand is solidly established, allowing for organic growth and development as your business gains experience and evolves. Any future changes to your brand identity are less about questioning the fundamental aspects of your brand and more about naturally adapting to the shifting needs of your business. The foundational visual and emotional aspects of your brand are already in place, and any adjustments or additions made in the future serve to complement and enhance its existing identity.

But I’m at the point where my brand, at its core, is solid and represents my values. I’ve shifted from constantly rethinking it (and the wasted work that comes with that) to strategically evolving. Like I’ve finally found my groove, you know?

Now that I’m on the “evolving track,” I can focus on my business and tweak the brand to adapt and stay true to your vision while catering to the needs of your audience. I’ve made some significant changes since launching Angela Atelier.

From revamping my portfolio to fine-tuning my visual style, every change has been a step forward in crafting a brand that resonates with my fierce and fabulous female clientele. It’s all about staying authentic while embracing the natural progression of my business.

2 Ways to Stop the “Rethink & Rework” Track

So, if you’re out there grinding away at DIYing your personal brand, know I can relate, and here are two ways to get off the “rethink and rework” track because if you’re constantly doing that, you’re not growing your business. You’re not marketing your business and not getting clients.

  • Hire a branding professional.
  • Or, get the feedback you need to nail it:
    • Join a community mastermind.
    • Join a co-working session.
    • Form your focus group (for this one, you’ll need to pay it back somehow).

Hiring a pro or working with other business owners will undoubtedly put you on the fast track to running your business with a new sense of focus and confidence. Hiring a pro would be faster, but if your only option is DIYing your personal brand, you do have better options than figuring it all out yourself. Other business owners can help you discover resources and provide a sounding board for your ideas.

If you’re a new business owner DIYing your personal brand, consider grabbing my free Brand Identity Worksheet. It will get you started on the road to a focused brand and help get you off the track of constant rework. If you’re ready to go pro, fantastic! Let me introduce you to Caitlin Lang of Liquid Form Design, creators of elevated branding for ambitious women.

About Angela Acosta & the Atelier

Based in New Jersey, Angela Acosta specializes in personal branding and portrait photography for women business owners and professionals in New York and the tri-state area. She expertly channels brand narratives through tailored images, offering insights on wardrobe and styling to ensure authenticity. With a deep commitment to capturing the essence of each client, Angela transforms branding with impactful photographs that resonate and inspire. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.