Embracing Beautiful Imperfection and Taking that Leap: the Power of Letting Go

Let’s talk about the power of letting go. Because if you’re a woman reading this, you have found yourself stuck in a cycle of perfectionism, unable to move forward with your dreams and goals. This “Diana Prince Live Next Door” episode with special guests Keri Barnett, Christy Mahon, and Alyssa Berthiaume is for you.

In this insightful podcast episode, Angela dives deep into the gripping world of perfectionism and its impact on women in creative fields. With stories shared by herself and her talented guests, they shed light on the struggles, triumphs, and lessons learned from battling that sneaky perfectionist mindset.

Guests Keri Barnett of Barnett Marketing, Christy Mahon of Escape Artist Holidays, and Alyssa Berthiaume of The Write Place, Right Time

The Power of Letting Go

Our guests share their own battles with perfectionism, from obsessing over perfect wallpapering to placing high expectations on themselves when delivering work to clients. But through their journeys, they’ve learned that setting realistic expectations and pausing to reset them is key. They emphasize the importance of moving forward, even if things aren’t “perfect,” because perfection is often only a mirage.

It’s not just about battling perfectionism alone; societal beauty standards also play a massive role in adding fuel to the perfectionist fire. The discussion touches on how these constructs impact children from a young age and continue to influence adult dysfunction. Coming to terms with these standards and redefining what is “good enough” without sacrificing quality became crucial for our speakers.

The episode highlights the importance of taking action and silencing the inner critic. Waiting for the “perfect” moment or circumstances is often futile. Instead, like Nike, we need to “just do it.” The power lies in understanding that mistakes are inevitable, but they don’t define us. Self-reflection and forgiveness are key components in combating perfectionism and embracing imperfection.

But what about the fear of failure and imposter syndrome often accompanying perfectionism? Our speakers tackle these tough topics, emphasizing the importance of confidence in one’s expertise and the ability to redefine personal standards. Recognizing that clients appreciate their unique abilities and expertise helps to quell the anxiety and self-doubt that often plague creative endeavors.

Angela wraps up the episode by sharing her story of hitting rock bottom when her life seemed to fall apart. But at that moment, when everything was far from perfect, she found the courage to leap into entrepreneurship—waiting for the stars to align or circumstances to be flawless is a myth. The magic lies in believing in oneself and taking action against imperfections.

So, dear listeners, let this episode of “Diana Prince Live Next Door” be the gentle push you need to let go of perfection and embrace the imperfect beauty of your dreams. Remember, you are capable, talented, and right where you need to be. Take that leap because the net will be there to catch you.

Stay fearless, and embrace the power of letting go, my friends!

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