Too Busy for a Branding Photoshoot? How Our Tailored Approach Helped a Busy NYC Insurance Agency Get Amazing Branding Photos

You say you’re too busy for a branding photoshoot. I get it completely. In today’s competitive business environment, branding photos play a crucial role in a company’s identity and connecting with its target audience but it is challenging for some businesses to shut down operations for a dedicated photoshoot.

Here’s how our Tailored Session helped Jennifer Saez Insurance get an amazing profolio of branding images without missing a step on a busy business day.

I approach every branding session with creativity and flexibility. So, I arrived at the office with minimal equipment, allowing for a less intrusive presence, and took a fly-on-the-wall approach. I got all the shots I needed without disrupting their workflow or causing them to miss essential client calls. I worked in between all their activities.

This approach not only ensured that the business continues to operate smoothly but also provided an authentic representation of the team in their natural work environment. By capturing genuine moments of the team in action, the resulting branding photos effectively showcased the company’s culture, professionalism, and dedication. The approach allowed for candid shots that portray the team’s genuine interactions, work ethic, and commitment to their clients.

Here’s how it all went down.

Headshots That Pop:

First things first – headshots! During this Tailored session, I did the headshots first sequenced by whomever wasn’t busy at the moment. I used readily available walls as backdrops.

Unveiling “At Work” Magic:
Showing authenticity extends beyond polished headshots; it encompasses real work environments too! I was able to capture dynamic shots amidst this bustling office because branding photos should reflect not only who someone is but also their dedication within industry settings.

New York Vibes Expressed Outdoors:
New York City is their brand, their audience as New Yorkers, so we had to go outdoors to get some skyline shots! Cityscapes are for representing one’s identity as well as creating connections between brands & audience members alike.

Your unique branding needs deserves a Tailored approach; let Atelier-Branding help capture it through personalized photography designed just for ambitious professionals like you!

Increase online visibility & reach ideal clients effortlessly using stunning visuals crafted especially around YOUR personality traits—celebrate success today with Jennifer Saez Insurance Agency!

About Angela Acosta & the Atelier

Based in New Jersey, Angela Acosta specializes in personal branding and portrait photography for women business owners and professionals in New York and the tri-state area. She expertly channels brand narratives through tailored images, offering insights on wardrobe and styling to ensure authenticity. With a deep commitment to capturing the essence of each client, Angela transforms branding with impactful photographs that resonate and inspire. Contact us to schedule your complimentary consultation.