A Client Story about reinvention that is fascinating

It takes time to reinvent yourself to find a new purpose, identity, or lifestyle after an old one is no longer suitable. 

Here’s a client story about reinvention. I find Stephanie’s journey fascinating because she endured this challenging process in several camps to achieve her happiness. Her portrait session was significant since she was awarded her Ph.D. recently. A portrait of her in her bedecked cap and gown was definitely on the list. What makes this especially meaningful is that Stephanie didn’t start trying to seek the highest level of education. Instead, getting through High School was challenging; she completed the requirements through the GED program. Nevertheless, she continued to complete her first degree at 35 years old.

Stephanie is also the mother of two children. She gave birth to her first child at 42. The experience transformed her, but giving up the independence she’s known for most of her adult years was also an opportunity for reinvention. And she did just that. 

Meet Stephanie, my client and new friend.