Bring your bestie to your photo shoot for more fun!

The day of your photoshoot arrives, and you’re excited but also a little nervous. You’ve been imagineering this shoot for a while now. You and I have worked out the little details, from your outfits to the vibe of your shoot. You’ve been sharing the details with your best friend (maybe a few), including how nervous you are. They’re so great to be around; you’re thinking, “Should you bring them? “Of course! And, most importantly, you should! Your friends know you inside and out, and their presence at your shoot would help bolster your confidence and help you get comfortable. All you have to do and let me know. If I know during the consultation and planning session, I can prepare the session to include them in the activities and maybe include your friend in the photos.

3 Reasons Why you should!

  1. Make it a girl’s day out. A photoshoot is an exciting event, so including your friends in the shoot will add a social vibe. Grab a glass of wine and be pampered by our great hair and makeup artist, then move on to your fully guided shoot. We will photograph each friend individually and as a group. You’ll want to make plans afterward because you’ll all look fabulous.
  2. Have a cheerleader (or two). There’s nothing more comforting than being around your best friend, so bring her for support.
  3. Have your entourage. Your best friend will do anything for you, so your friend can be a huge help with your wardrobe, styling, and more.

All reasons will help make your shoot more exciting and fun.