Collaboration photoshoot with Suzette Morgan and her natural energy.

True equality for women is within our reach, but we’re not there yet. This was a collaboration photoshoot from the Gal Project, an initiative created by businesswomen to support other businesswomen through photography.

Give Suzette Morgan coffee, and the job is all done? Oh well, that’s not the case. Suzette’s superpower cannot be attributed to coffee; her energy and liveliness flow naturally. She is such a diva and is just high off life. This is why her aunt calls her Suzy Kardashian. Suzette Morgan is a caring mother, hard-working entrepreneur, and the founder of SK Soirees Inc., which she created for her daughter, Kayleigh. And here she is, our VIP candidate, gifted a collaboration branding photoshoot for The Gal Project.

Building her dream

Suzette loves planning events and hosting gatherings but never considered creating a life around them. However, the birth of her daughter changed her mindset and propelled her to make her events planning company. So Suzette got her business motivation to create a legacy and generational wealth for her daughter. She rightly said, “With the support and push of my family, I birthed not only one child but two.” However, to actualize her dream, it took Suzette this moment to realize that hiring an event planner is a luxury and not a necessity; therefore, it comes with a price tag. Consequently, she had to make changes or burn herself out quickly. To this end, she stopped spreading herself and her pocket slim by throwing a party at her expense.

Dealing with challenges

Suzette’s biggest challenge so far in business has been structure. For the first two years, she treated her business as a hobby. After that, she got a logo, created a social media page, and allowed the business to grow naturally. But then she realized that she couldn’t continue to handle her business in such a casual manner to get it to the next level.

So she invested in a business coach, mindset coach, branding, and marketing courses and has seen such a massive difference in her approach, mindset, and even relating with her clients within the past couple of months. On a personal level, Suzette’s biggest challenge is creating time for her daughter. She feels that the business she started for her daughter takes them apart. Notwithstanding, Suzette has a fantastic support team, including Kayleigh, a big fan who shows her Mom she’s proud of her every day.

Above her challenges, Suzette seeks to help clients eliminate stress, save time and overcome creative blocks. She is dedicated to creating unique and memorable experiences while remaining true to herself. Suzette is committed to ensuring her clients will always get her in her natural disposition and enjoy their experiences as much as they’ll enjoy the day of their event.

One of the things that stands out in Suzette’s business is her relationship with clients, educating them throughout the process; another is her efforts to leave a lasting impression. She gives an out-of-the-box approach by carefully curating and selecting details specifically for each client, leaving the clients wowed and their loved ones too. Suzette and her team are not just there for the event but for a lifetime.

On finding balance

Suzette doesn’t subscribe to the whole work-life balance theory. In fact, after chasing balance and not finding it, she concluded that in entrepreneurship, there are going to be days where you have to work a lot, but there are also going to be days when you lay off work and chase freedom. That is to say, you prioritize what’s most essential and find the time. Five years from now, an excellent year for Suzette looks like serving her clients, producing unique events without burnout, growing her team, and providing employment opportunities and internships.

In addition, she will be hosting a wellness retreat for her staff, living her life as she chooses with more freedom to be creative and be available to her family. Suzette’s goals reflect her love for family, dedication to her business, and commitment to developing the quality of other people’s lives around her. She is currently obsessed with “Married at First Sight.” She says the show is wild, so she’s interested in it. And if Suzy, as her aunty calls her, had her soundtrack, it would be “Diva” by BeyoncĂ©!

On her role model

As clichĂ© as this may be, Suzette’s Mom is her role model. Suzette says her Mom is a tough cookie with a gold heart. She is her biggest supporter and cheerleader to the point that many people think they’re sisters.

This was a collaboration photoshoot under our women-supporting-women Gal Project initiative.

Entrepreneur: Suzette Morgan of SK Soirees Event Planner.
Contributing Photographer: Angela Atelier of Angela Atelier.
Makeup Artist: Rosemary Quezada of The Artistry of Esthetics
Financial Sponsor: Jennifer Saez of Jennifer Saez Insurance

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