Do You Want Portrait and Branding Photos? Here is the solution.

You are a business owner, so you’d like fresh photos for your website or blog, but you also want a portrait for your husband. Do you book two separate sessions: one for your branding and one for portrait photos?

Legacy Portraits and Branding Photos; the difference is your intention.

How do you plan to use your photos? A Legacy session intends to capture this moment in time in prints to celebrate a milestone, celebrate your life, and leave your legacy for generations to come. Branding photos intend to capture the story and emotion of your business. You, at work. There could be a stark difference between the two series of pictures or little difference. If your brand is corporate, but your style is sweaters and jeans, you can’t use the images interchangeably. But if your brand is sweaters and jeans casual, and so are you. Get the picture?  

Below are examples of setups for branding photos that you may not want to use as Legacy. Sure, you can frame them, but do you want to?  Each shot is created with a specific use in mind; this is where your photographer will guide you.

Personal Branding Photos Example

Examples of photos intended to hang on your wall or sit on your mantle as a portrait.

Portrait photos example

One photo session and two intentions.

Our Tailored Session is fully customizable and can run from two to four hours with up to four outfit changes, so it works if you want both portrait and branding photos. Our smallest package includes ten images, and our largest contains 30. Let’s assume you wish to purchase our middle package of 20. You want gorgeous prints for your legacy, but your website and Linkedin profile need a refresh. You’re a corporate coach, and your online presence has to look the part, so you bring two outfits for your portrait and two for your business look. You decide that ten images from your package will be branded, and ten will be for your portrait. This is only one example; the options are endless. And you don’t figure it out yourself; that’s what I’m here for. Even if your Tailored session is a mix of both, I still dig into your branding and personal needs to ensure you get the right package and the right combination of images to meet your needs.