Sherleen Bruno: Featured Collaboration Photoshoot

To actualize her dreams, Sherleen Bruno had to change her mindset and perspective. She did this by setting aside the fear of other people’s judgment and daring to believe in her creative abilities—what a superwoman. Beautiful black Sherleen Bruno is a mother, a hardworking entrepreneur, and the owner of B. Luxe, a floral business that is particularly unique since white designers dominate the industry. Her company provides a richer floral experience as she wholesomely concerns herself with catering to intimate events with her designs. According to her, attention is given to every detail, and multiple elements are curated to help birth the client’s vision. This uniqueness demonstrates that Sherleen’s passion for her business is genuine and her ability exceptional. And she is our VIP candidate, gifted a collaboration branding photoshoot as part of The Gal Project.

Sherleen cannot settle for idleness, and she is not a fan of pessimism. Instead, she believes that something good can still happen even amid uncertainties. She trusts we can still find meaning and comfort in life no matter the circumstance. Simply put, she believes in always finding a way to stay alive using the most creative means. Sherleen’s business is a product of creativity in crisis. When the pandemic hit, Sherleen found comfort in designing flowers and since then has progressed from making small arrangements for herself to making arrangements for guests as mini celebrations evolved.

Notwithstanding Sherleen’s most significant challenge, which is that she’s yet to fully comprehend the business part of floral designing like pricing, marketing, branding, social media, content and building a team, she still has a lot that she wants to achieve. And there’s doubt that she has a clear view of what she wants to have succeeded in five years. She is tirelessly working towards establishing her brand identity as a reputable floral designer. Also, to transition to being an F/T floral designer, successfully earning a six-figure salary, having a floral studio, and having designed for the great Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce K. Carter, or Michelle Obama in five years. She hopes to achieve this by providing unforgettable floral experiences using her superpower, bringing a smile to people through blooms. The specificity of Sherleen’s goals proves that she’s an intelligent woman building a viable business.

This collaboration photoshoot was part of The Gal Project

Participant: Sherleen Bruno of Bluxeblooms

Contributing Photographer: Angela Acosta of Angela Atelier

Makeup Artist: Rosemary Quezada of The Artistry of Esthetics

Financial Sponsor: Jennifer Saez of Jennifer Saez Insurance