Discover Tranquility: Journey to Jiufen with Angela Acosta

Hello, everyone! If you were captivated by our tales from Hong Kong and Taipei, we’ve got an exciting new adventure to share. Grab a cup of your favorite brew and settle in as we take you to the serene mountain town of Jiufen, Taiwan—where time pauses and life’s hustle fades away, just an hour’s drive from Taipei.

In our latest article for The Gal Project, I explore Jiufen’s enchanting landscapes and cultural richness. I experienced soothing vistas, traditional tea houses, and local culinary delights that make every moment worth savoring.

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As you dive into the article, you’ll walk with us through the cozy lanes of Jiufen, explore the artsy corners, taste the local cuisine, and soak in the dawn at famous spots like the A-Mei Tea House. We’ve captured every part of our getaway to bring you the tranquility of Jiufen.

Angela Acosta in Jiufen Taiwan.
Jiufen, Taiwan

Reflections from our stay in Jiufen, Taiwan:

  • Peaceful Retreat: The Something Easy Inn offered a comforting, almost familial welcome that relaxed our stay.
  • Culinary Journey: Spontaneous dining decisions turned into delightful culinary revelations, highlighting Jiufen’s local flavors.
  • A Visual Treat: From the old streets lit by red lanterns to the lush landscapes, Jiufen is a masterpiece mesmerizing enough to capture on camera.

This jaunt to Jiufen was more than a mere escape; it was a soothing balm to the soul, reminding us to appreciate life’s quieter moments.

Tea House in Jiufen Taiwan
Jiufen, Taiwan

What’s Coming Next?

As always, we invite you to stay tuned for more stories and hidden gems from around the globe. Our travels are aimed at more than discovery; they’re about connecting with the essence of each place we visit and sharing that experience with you.

More enchanting destinations and inspiring tales are coming, so don’t miss out!

We hope this preview stirs your wanderlust and inspires you to explore Jiufen and the many beautiful corners of our world. For those ready to see their stories through a new lens, Jiufen might be your next photo-worthy journey.

Don’t miss out on our full experience in Jiufen!

Here’s to more adventures that enrich the soul and inspire the heart! 🌏✨

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