Taipei First-Timer Guide: My New & Awesome Venture into Travel

I have just embarked on a new journey that marries my two greatest passions—travel and photography. I am thrilled to announce my newest venture into travel blogging. My inaugural article, a Taipei first-timer guide, which I recently published in The Gal Project Magazine, chronicles my visit to Taipei, marking the rekindling of my first love for travel photography.

This is an extension of my mission to inspire women. I want to inspire and encourage those who yearn to explore the world to wander. With a camera in hand and a heart full of wanderlust, I aim not only to capture stunning photos but also to help you navigate places that inspire and empower women globally to embrace the beauty and diversity of our world.

taipei first-timer guide, photo shows flower market
Taipei First-Timer Guide – The Gal Project

Join me on this exciting journey as we embark on adventures that promise to fill our souls and galleries with the rich tapestry of cultures, people, and experiences this planet offers.

What’s Inside the Taipei First-Timer Guide?

So here’s a snapshot of our recent article on The Gal Project, which serves as the perfect primer for any Taipei first-timer. This guide dives into the heart of Taipei’s food scene, ensuring you don’t miss out on the rich tapestry of flavors this vibrant city offers.

Starting with a strategic food tour, the article outlines how embracing the local cuisine with the guidance of an experienced foodie can elevate your initial experiences in Taipei, especially when jet lag and language barriers come into play. From navigating the bustling East Market with its array of local specialties to sampling iconic dishes like the scallion pancake and the unforgettable bubble tea, the guide is packed with personal anecdotes and practical tips that promise to enrich your visit.

Taipei First-Timer’s Guide The Gal Project

One of the highlights of this culinary journey is the detailed list of “The Five Must-Try Dishes” in Taipei, complete with recommended spots to enjoy these gastronomical delights. Whether you savor the juicy dumplings at Dongmen Dumpling Restaurant or indulge in the sweet and creamy shaved ice at The Taroking, this article ensures your taste buds are in for a treat.

Furthermore, the guide doesn’t stop at food. Visiting the tranquil flower market offers a serene respite from the food coma and exposes you to Taipei’s softer, more colorful side. This blend of culinary exploration and cultural immersion promises a well-rounded experience for any first-timer in Taipei.

To explore Taipei’s ultimate food tour more deeply, dive into the full article here.

This article is your go-to for navigating Taipei’s culinary scene and inspires you to embrace every moment of your journey in this dynamic city. Join us in celebrating the power of women through travel and exploration, one bite at a time.

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