Rediscovering Photography Beyond Work with 3 Simple Changes

Developing new habits can be challenging, but I’ve recently experienced a game-changing transformation by breaking free from old constraints and embracing a new perspective. See my prior post about how I broke free from my winter hibernation and everything that comes with it. In this post, I’ll share how I furthered that by rediscovering photography beyond work and unlocking my creativity through three simple, practical changes.

Although I love my work, I miss the challenge of exploring my surroundings with my camera. Before taking on clients, I used to walk around my neighborhood or local parks, capturing the sights through my lens. Although it has been a while, I still remember how fulfilling it was to lose myself in that space and capture the beauty in the world around me. I want to reignite that passion and return to exploring and photographing my surroundings again. It was natural for me to start bringing my camera along on my daily walks. But I first had to create the habit.

Rediscovering Photography by Identifying, Ditching, & Changing

The first step in my journey was identifying and acknowledging the obstacles. Even though I was already walking daily, taking my camera with me wasn’t an option. While practical for professional shoots, the hip holster for my camera hindered my personal photography adventures. The need for an Allen wrench to release the camera was a barrier to spontaneity and freedom. It was clear that this was an obstacle that needed to be eliminated.

As a business owner, I was caught in the web of routine and functionality. While this holster was great for my professional shoots, I realized the setup inhibited my creative pursuits. First, I don’t want to wear a holster in public, even if it has a camera in it. Second, if I just took my camera without the holster, I would have to constantly have it in my hand since the only way to carry it is with a wrist strap. It was a no-go for me.

It was time to break free from the holster setup and restraint and step into a new realm of creativity.

Determined, I made the wise and straightforward decision to swap my impractical hip holster for a traditional camera strap. This small change, while seemingly insignificant, has made all the difference. By removing this barrier, I’ve embraced freedom and flexibility, making it easier to grab my camera and capture the world around me.

Sony A7RIII with Sony SEL 50mm Prime F2.5

I chose the Falcam Magneticlink Camera Strap for its design.

Rediscovery Photography Using Simplicity

Investing in a secondary camera with a fixed lens was another game-changer. Shifting from a zoom lens’s complexity to a prime lens’s simplicity has brought a new perspective to my photography. Embracing the need to move nearer or further from my subjects has opened up new opportunities for me, encouraging a slower, more deliberate approach to photography.

The Magic of Awareness

Developing good habits is all about being aware of what holds us back and taking steps to remove those barriers. I could make the necessary changes by being mindful of how my equipment affected my creative process. Through self-awareness and adaptability, I have reignited my passion and found a new sense of purpose in my art.

The changes I’ve made have not only made my photography more accessible but they’ve also enhanced the other reasons for taking long walks that are so important to me. My daily walks are now a magnetic force that draws me into a meditative state, allowing me to focus on my subjects and lose myself in the art of photography. It’s a holistic experience that combines the benefits of fresh air, exercise, and creative expression.

With these changes in place, I’ve removed the obstacles holding me back and created an environment that fosters creativity and freedom. My personal and professional cameras are now ready for action at a moment’s notice, allowing me to effortlessly switch between capturing moments for others and exploring the world through my lens.

Final Thoughts on Habit Changes and Rediscovering Photography

Embracing change and being willing to adapt has transformed my daily routine. It’s about being honest with myself, identifying the barriers, and making the necessary adjustments to reignite my creative spark. By sharing my journey, I hope to inspire others to identify and overcome the obstacles that may hold them back, ultimately unleashing their inner creativity and passion.

In conclusion, don’t let anything hold you back from pursuing your passions – make the necessary changes, break free from routine, and open up new horizons of creativity and self-expression.

I hope my story inspires you to adjust similarly to foster creativity and joy. Remember, it’s never too late to break free and embrace a new era of expression and fulfillment.

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