About Me: Capturing Authenticity One Frame at a Time

About Angela capturing authenticity one frame at a time

From the first moment I peered through a camera lens, I felt a connection. Over the years, I’ve come to believe that photographs are not just about the visual, but also about the story and the emotion they convey. My journey into the world of personal branding was inspired by this very belief.

I’ve always noticed how, naturally, many people shy away from being in front of the camera. I’ve read countless articles discussing the vulnerability celebrities and everyday people alike feel when they’re being photographed. Yet, I’ve found that the key to a great shot isn’t about getting rid of this vulnerability, but rather about guiding it.

When I started photographing personal branding sessions, I was surprised to see the transformative power of these photos. They weren’t just promotional tools for businesses. They became stories, tales of triumph, achievement, and personal growth. They connected individuals to their audiences in ways that words often couldn’t. I’ve always emphasized to my clients that a single portrait or headshot is not enough. To truly connect and establish trust, you need a series of images that reveal different facets of your personality and brand.

But how do I ensure that each photo captures the essence of the individual?

The answer: Through meticulous planning and understanding the core of their brand.

When I sit down with a client, our first task is to dive deep into the heart of their brand. For instance, the wardrobe and styling play a pivotal role in telling their story. Whether it’s a casual brand persona or a professional corporate image, I guide my clients in selecting outfits that align with their brand’s narrative. From a casual t-shirt for someone with a ‘bark off the tree’ approach to a sharp suit for a corporate leader, every piece of clothing helps paint a clearer picture of the brand.

But there are nuances. I remember once telling a client that while I absolutely adore t-shirts, having graphics on them might not be the best choice for branding photos. Why? Because the viewer’s attention immediately goes to the graphic, detracting from the actual purpose of the image – which is to showcase them.

One of my most memorable sessions was with a woman who had achieved her PhD during the tumultuous period of COVID. She had gone from having a GED to obtaining a PhD, a journey that deserved celebration. Through our session, we didn’t just capture her accomplishment, but we celebrated it. By the end of it, she was elated, transformed, and ready to share her story with the world.

I find joy in such transformations. Through my lens, I aim to capture the resilience, joy, and authenticity of each individual. Every photo session is a journey, an opportunity to build trust, connect deeper, and most importantly, tell a genuine story. I am Angela Acosta, and my camera is my pen, capturing stories one frame at a time.