We’re Celebrating NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with 1 Exclusive and Badass Project.

Introduction to Startup Stories: A Photography Project for NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

As a photographer based in New Jersey, I have been fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit and the incredible stories of women in business. Over the years, I have captured the essence of numerous NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners for their branding. Inspired by the determination and resilience displayed by these women, I decided to embark on a new project called “Startup Stories.” This project aims to shed light on the inspiring journeys of female entrepreneurs and business owners in New Jersey and New York.

My Startup Story

When I started my business in 2018, I was 52 and desperately needed a change. I had a unique skill set and plenty of ideas, but the demands of working in the corporate world drained me of both time and energy. I had little left to invest in bringing Angela Atelier, my dream business, to life. I knew that to pursue my passion and make a difference; I had to break free from the confines of the corporate world and embark on this new entrepreneurial journey. It was a leap of faith that I was ready to take.

But almost five years later, I am barely recognizable to anyone who knew me then. Transforming myself to live my dream as an entrepreneur has been the most empowering journey of my life. I have encountered numerous challenges along the way. However, I refused to let these obstacles define me or hinder my progress. Instead, I embraced them as opportunities for growth and learning. I have found strength, resilience, and unwavering belief in my abilities through these struggles. I have learned to trust my instincts, take calculated risks, and surround myself with a supportive network of like-minded women.

I am living my dream today and committed to inspiring and empowering other women to do the same. I was once the woman who blended into the crowd, and now I’m standing on the stage, making the world hear me.

Challenges Faced by Women in Business

Based on an article in the Business News Daily, women’s business landscape has evolved significantly in recent years. But it’s no secret that women still face unique challenges when starting and running their businesses. From gender bias and unequal access to funding and resources to balancing work and family responsibilities, women entrepreneurs often have to navigate additional hurdles on their path to success.

However, it is important to recognize that these challenges have not deterred the remarkable women in NJ and NY from pursuing their dreams. Instead, they have used these obstacles as fuel to drive them forward, breaking barriers and shattering glass ceilings along the way.

Let’s Tell the World the Inspiring Stories of NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

The Startup Stories project aims to capture the essence of inspiring women, their businesses, and their impact on their communities. Through captivating portraits and personal interviews, we will unveil the triumphs, struggles, and pivotal moments that have shaped their entrepreneurial journeys.

By sharing these stories with the world, we hope to inspire other women contemplating starting their businesses. Seeing the accomplishments and resilience of fellow female entrepreneurs can provide the much-needed motivation and encouragement to take that first step toward turning their dreams into reality.

Grow Your Community of Like-Minded Women with This Project

One of the most powerful aspects of the Startup Stories project is the opportunity it provides to NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to connect and network with like-minded women entrepreneurs. By participating in this project, you will have the chance to showcase your story and join a community of ambitious and supportive women striving to make a difference.

The connections forged through this project have the potential to lead to collaborations, partnerships, and lifelong friendships. Together, we can create a network of women who uplift and empower one another, fostering a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Why Your Female-Led Businesses is Important to the Economy

The significance of female-led businesses cannot be overstated. Not only do you contribute to economic growth and job creation, but you also bring unique perspectives and innovative solutions to the table. Studies have shown that companies with diverse leadership teams, including women, tend to outperform their counterparts in financial performance and innovation.

By highlighting the stories of NJ and NY female entrepreneurs and business owners, the Startup Stories project aims to showcase your immense impact on your community. We hope that amplifying your voice and achievements can inspire more support and recognition for female-led businesses, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and prosperous economy.

Who is this for? What do NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners get?

  • Bootstrap Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. This is for you if you are a NJ and NY Female entrepreneur and Business Owner and started your business from scratch and developed your product or service independently.
  • You get a boost to your online visibility. When you participate, something amazing happens. You receive a valuable boost to your online visibility, allowing your presence to shine brighter. Your story, passion, and voice will reach a wider audience, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter your remarkable journey.
  • You get a thank you and legacy. As a token of appreciation, we will present you with a copy of the project magazine. This magazine will remind you of your achievements, allowing you to reflect on your growth in the years to come.
  • You get meaningful connections. Being a part of this project will be an incredible journey. It’s not just about our work but the shared experience that makes it truly special. One thing we can guarantee is the opportunity to grow your community and establish meaningful connections with other participants. So, join us and embark on this transformative journey.
  • You get to be seen. Getting noticed is essential. The entrepreneurial path can often feel isolating. Sometimes, I want to shout from the rooftops about my efforts and my long hours. But there’s no need for that because we are thrilled to extend an invitation to you for the unveiling ceremony. This event will showcase your portrait and share your story, allowing others to witness and be inspired by your remarkable journey.


In a world where women still face numerous barriers in the business realm, it is crucial to celebrate and uplift the stories of female entrepreneurs. The Startup Stories project allows NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to shine. NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners are breaking barriers, changing the game, and leaving an indelible mark on the business landscape.

If you are a female entrepreneur or business owner in NJ or NY, I encourage you to join us in this journey of empowerment and inspiration. Share your story, connect with like-minded individuals, and let’s build a supportive community that propels women in business to new heights. Together, we can celebrate the achievements of female entrepreneurs and pave the way for the generations to come.

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