Why Women Self-Sabotage: Episode 3 on Self-Sabotage Awareness | Diana Prince Lives Next Door

Malina and I came together to discuss a crucial topic in the business world – why women self-sabotage.

I have recently transitioned from my corporate career to my business journey, so in my experience of hearing the term “get out of your way” from mentors, I did not fully understand its meaning. How does one know when you’re in your muck? Malina and I discuss how women create obstacles for themselves and come up with reasons we can’t change. As women, we struggle to make changes because we fear losing our loved ones or betraying our team at work. This conversation sheds light on many entrepreneurs’ everyday struggles and provides valuable insights to overcome them.

Episode 2 of Getting out of Your Way

Malina Poshova Delamere is a renowned executive consultant and team facilitator who businesses, careers, and personal is the founder and president of Vida Rose Coaching Solutions, a top coaching practice. Malina works with individuals, teams, and organizations to improve performance and achieve results through leadership and life coaching, business strategy consulting, team facilitation, assessments, and leadership retreats.

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