Mother’s Day Gifts: 12 unique and fantastic ideas for the entrepreneur, the traveler, and the homebody.

Here is our super short list of mother’s day gifts this year.

Mother’s Day is almost here, and all of us are busy trying to get the perfect gift for our hero. It’s not just about getting a gift but also about finding something that conveys our love and appreciation for our moms. A thoughtful gift will surely bring a smile to her face and make her feel special. We worked hard to curate only the best ideas for your mom.

Mother's Day gifts for the entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur

Our mother’s day gifts for hard-working moms.

  1. These comfy walking shoes will motivate her to take regular strolls between networking calls—$ 140 Hoka.
  2. For the businesswoman who despises cold coffee, this mug with a heating surface should trick—$ 65 Uncommon Goods.
  3. This journal is ideal for entrepreneurs who appreciate the feel of the paper in their hands, and it’s small enough to take with you when creativity hits–$30.95 Moleskin.
  4. Know a businesswoman who’s building her brand? This master class with the queen of personal branding, Kris Jenner, is the perfect gift–$15 per month Masterclass.
Mother's day gifts for the homebody.

Gifts for the Homebody

Our mother’s day gifts for moms who need to relax and recharge.

  1. From unwrapping the album to putting it on the platter to cranking it up through the headphones, give her the gift of music how it was intended–$66 Amazon.
  2. You can’t go wrong with a hoody – they are soft, warm, and feel like a blanket. The Women’s Powder Mama Lightweight Hoody is made in Los Angeles, California, is sheer perfection–$76 Ford and Wyatt
  3. Make burning that beautiful candle a ritual with these tools–$48 Uncommon Goods.
  4. Why should she even want to bake her own bread? The smell of home-baked bread is probably the most heartwarming scent in the world, and she won’t have much to get it — add the ingredients and return to the couch. This breadmaker does the rest–$377 Amazon.
Mother's day gifts for the traveler.

Gifts for the Traveler

Our mother’s day gifts for moms who are on the move.

  1. These sunglasses by WIRE are so kick-ass, we had to put them on the list because all moms should look badass–$240 Amazon.
  2. Elevate her packing routine with these containers by Cadence. They hold everything from toiletries to pills—$ 76 Cadence.
  3. Having a separate brush set for travel is essential for the frequent traveler. Because having to pack your home stuff sucks and is a bit disruptive. This is the perfect set from Morphe—$ 28 Target.
  4. This is the perfect bag for travel because it weighs nothing and carries everything. But it’s also stylish, so your mom won’t look like a tourist in the middle of Paris–$145 Bloomingdales.

Happy shopping!

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