Free yourself from these 3 limiting beliefs in business, keeping safe but trapped

Developing Angela Atelier into a prosperous personal branding photography business combined with a networking hub for entrepreneurs is a tough haul, especially since I’m just getting started. But one of the most vital things I’ve learned recently is how powerful limiting beliefs in business can be. Limiting beliefs kept me in Corporate longer than I wanted to be, and if I let them play into my bad days now, they can bring me down.

Being an entrepreneur is an emotional roller coaster with ups and downs. It’s pretty exhausting sometimes. One day, you will experience a sense of accomplishment and confidence, prepared to take action and be proud of yourself. The very next day, you feel overwhelmed with all there is to do, and, feeling inadequate, you want to roll up into a ball.

I’m there with you, girl.

Maintaining a high level of success is inextricably linked to our subconscious beliefs, so if you let the limiting beliefs in business rule, you won’t achieve your goals. It’s that simple.

Limiting beliefs in business can hold you back.

Three super restrictive limiting beliefs in business that come up often

  1. I’m not good enough
  2. I don’t feel confident asking for a higher price
  3. I’m lagging behind everyone else

I’m not good enough or don’t feel confident enough to ask for a higher price. I have encountered many limiting beliefs about money and charging for my services. I walked that road, too, thinking I could not charge the correct amount due to a lack of experience and skill. However, one must not think in this way. As an entrepreneur, the price one charge is much more than a random number. It is a reflection of YOUR value, ambitions, and dreams. And if you don’t value yourself enough to charge a higher price, you will attract the wrong customer. If you trust yourself, you will attract customers who appreciate and value you for good service.

No one is immune from the fear of being outdone by someone else, whether in life, business, relationships, or exercise. I have found this one to be the worst on the list of limiting beliefs in business. It is hugely constraining. It can be paralyzing if you’re unaware of it. It will make you doubt yourself, so let’s stop and put this limiting belief in its place. The feeling that someone is better than you is a natural emotion. Ultimately, that is only a feeling and not a reality. So when this feeling creeps in, I let it go through me. Poof, it’s gone. It takes a little longer than that, but you get the point.

The primary focus for any entrepreneur should be to not only increase their business but also to improve themselves. When this concept is fully understood, any doubts that may have been present will disappear. To ensure growth, it is essential to take small, purposeful steps. Pursue a course, obtain a mentor, practice, and do whatever else necessary to ensure that you are doing the best you can do; because, in the end, that is all we can do.

Are you ever anxious about falling behind others in similar businesses? I started my business later than others, so fI#k, yeah, my limiting beliefs in business include this one by the tenth power! But I want to remind you, as I do myself: You are engaging in an activity that most people cannot and will never do. You are pursuing your aspirations, taking on something frightening, and doing it on your schedule and terms.

It’s impossible to do any better than what has been accomplished — so instead of dwelling on not being as far as others, focus on the path ahead. That’s the only way to develop and expand an effective company, and it also enables you to find pleasure in the pursuit.

Last thoughts about limiting beliefs in business

Before I go, I want to remind you that nothing is more exhilarating, stunning, and gratifying than following your aspirations and taking the plunge into entrepreneurship/business ownership. The entrepreneurial path often involves doubts and trepidation–so these limiting beliefs in business will be powerful–trying to pull into safe waters. But it is part of the experience. I should tell you that yesterday was a shitty day for me, a pity party and everything, and today I’m writing this post. Everything passes.

Do not let anything trip you up. You are too talented for that. And here are a couple of resources for you on how to overcome your limiting beliefs.

Tony Robbin – 4 Steps to Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

Psychology Today – 4 Steps to Release “Limiting Beliefs” Learned From Childhood

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