Client Feature: Eileen Reiman doTERRA

I’m one of those ladies who got her essential oils from Amazon, which has a wide range of quality – from premium to mysterious origin. That’s when I encountered Eileen, who made me aware of doTERRA. The doTERRA difference is everything that goes into their brand. You get an education, a pure product with traceable provenance. They also add value to the communities that source them. So becoming a member for me was a no-brainer.

doTERRA Values

  • They intentionally source the gifts of the earth, enriching every life we touch.
  • They empower people and communities in their pursuit of self-reliance.
  • They break cycles of human suffering and poverty as our business expands.
  • They advocate and educate to empower everyone with natural wellness solutions.
  • They advance science for the innovative use of essential oils.

Eileen’s Flair

Eileen is a wellness expert, not just a representative for doTERRA. She has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to educating her clients on each product, each oil, and its benefits. She is available to help her clients in her Facebook Group, Eileen’s Wellness Journey and is full of creative solutions for common problems. Not only is she knowledgeable and helpful, but she is also a great person to be around. This combination of qualities is why I moved away from “clicking and shipping” on Amazon and decided to go with Eileen for a more personalized experience.

Eileen Reiman doTerra Wellness Advocate
Personal Branding photography establishes you as a professional in your business and sets you apart from the pack.

The Branding + Portrait Shoot

Even though she promotes the doTERRA label, Eileen’s personal touch in engaging with her clients is her unique style. To differentiate herself from others, she sought professional photos and a few portraits to present to her husband as a gift. So during her consultation, I crafted her tailor-made experience, including various wardrobe, makeup, makeup looks, and studio setups for maximum variety.

The Images

You can read about our Tailored session here, or better yet, let’s talk.

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