Leaving Corporate for Entrepreneurship: Charissa Yong’s Story


This episode is for you if you have a side hustle and are considering leaving corporate for entrepreneurship. I’m happy to announce Episode 4 of Diana Prince Lives Next Door with Charissa Yong of Charissa H. Yong Photography. I met Charissa a few years ago when I joined the networking space, and we clicked immediately. I loved everything about her, especially her openness when she shared this story with me. I instantly knew that I wanted to be in Charissa’s circle. I knew that one day, I would ask her to share her story again so that the world could hear it. I just didn’t know where yet. I believe she is one of the reasons I created the Diana Prince series.

Charissa is a portrait and personal branding photographer who helps service-based businesses show up authentically and confidently in their photos. During this episode, we discuss how Charissa leaped from a corporate employee to a small business owner, including her why, her struggles, and why the transition was so worth it. Charissa also chats about the importance of networking. Why don’t more photographers do it? Sorry, we don’t have the answer to this conundrum, but we have a wonderful conversation between two friends.

She also talks about the importance of knowing your numbers and having a financial plan. Charissa keeps staying on top of her numbers and tracking every penny. Charissa also shares tips on getting great photos using your phone. Join in on the fun.

You can also find Charissa’s episode on  Spotify.

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