Prepare for your personal branding session

Having your photograph taken for a personal branding session can be a little unnerving, especially if you haven’t been photographed—hmmm since your wedding day. But personal branding sessions are essential for business success so how do get passed the nerves and onto what matters? A personal branding photoshoot can also be empowering and enjoyable for business owners. Both are all about being prepared. How do you prepare for your personal branding session? Here are my best suggestions.

prepare for personal branding session

Define your personal branding objectives.

Have you scheduled a branding session to begin composing a content library for your social media? Are you establishing a new website and wish to put your best foot forward? Are you releasing an incredible new program you want to announce to the world? By determining your photo shoot objectives, you ensure that you get what you want and need.

It’s beneficial for a photographer to know this in advance. For example, if you want to update your website header with a new picture that includes text, your photographer should be aware of it. Your photographer should also know how to crop photos appropriately for social media usage if you want to use them.

I help my clients prepare for their personal branding sessions by having them complete a comprehensive questionnaire. This questionnaire includes a lot of questions about their business and business objectives. I become part of their team to brainstorm ideas and the gears turning for what to strive for. We cover everything before your session so we can have fun when it’s time for your shoot.

You must make a list of essential items.

Do you need one or two shots that you can walk away from a shoot with? It could be a contemporary headshot or an image of you working at your computer, drinking coffee, or sprinting down the street because you are eager to introduce your next big project.

Every branding session includes a standard shot list, but each is different. Knowing what your must-haves helps me design the perfect session for you.

Another way to prepare for your personal branding session is to treat yourself. When getting a branding session, you are the sole focus, so think about yourself. Get a fresh manicure, ensure you adore your haircut and color, and wear the clothes you feel most comfortable in. Even if your style is rather lowkey, looking polished and put together will go a long way. Have your branding session immediately after these appointments, so you are fresh.

Use branded colors wisely.

I enjoy black, gray, and white as much as the next person (OR EVEN MORE). However, when it comes to personal branding sessions, I usually advise including some vibrant colors (NOT JUST ANY COLOR, THOUGH!). It’s beneficial to consider the colors frequently used in your brand (for example, your logo or color palette). Even if you often include colors on social media, you might also want to consider them.

If you’re obsessed with yellow, you may want to wear a yellow shirt or bring a bright yellow coffee mug to your shoot. You can turn your colors into clothing, props, and surroundings to make your brand come to life and your pictures into a cohesive set.

Trust Your Photographer

Branding is a substantial investment, so you must find the right photographer. If you and a photographer you’re comfortable with have collaborated on your brand, sit back and relax. You must trust and believe in the professionalism of the person you’ve hired. Your photograph will be captured by a specialist who will make you look and feel your best and highlight your brand in the best light possible. Your photographer will make sure you look your best, so don’t worry about how to pose, smile, or look at the camera. You’ll have a great time if you come with an open mind and a big heart!

Got more questions? I’m here for you. You can set up a discovery call and talk to me.