Nine Ways to Use Your Branding Images

My clients’ businesses and identities are defined by the visual content I create. These headshots and brand images are used throughout my clients’ websites, social media feeds, newsletters, and physical marketing materials, as well as in my clients’ digital marketing efforts. Many of my clients are eager to have their new branding photos taken, but they require assistance figuring out how to utilize them because of their numerous options. Here are 10 approaches to utilizing your branding photos to spark your imagination.

1. Make sure your headshot is consistent across all your online platforms.

Rather than a stock photo, use your new headshot across all social profiles and your website! This will make your page stand out, especially when creating content that engages your followers.

2. Make sure that your social media accounts have a consistent look.

Consistent social media looks can be guaranteed by sharing photos taken specifically for your business. Visual marketing is a world of visual marketing!

Kevette does an excellent job mixing her photos from our shoot with quotes and selfies! We ensured her brand colors were present in our shoot, so her new photos would seamlessly blend in with her feed!


Kevette's Instagram Feed

3. A deadpan newsletter is dangerous because it makes your customers indifferent toward your brand.

Here are three tips to improve your newsletter:

  • 1. Be funny.
  • 2. Be engaging.
  • 3. Be personal.
  • 4. Most importantly add your headshot and other branding photos from time to time so your customers can connect with you!

4. Update your investment portfolio.

Using your branding photos to show off your latest work is one of the best ways to sell your services. Proving your experience is one of the best ways to sell your services.

5. Update the images on your site.

It’s been a few months, a year, or more than a year since you last updated your website? I understand! Just slap those fresh brand photos all over your website; it will feel fresh and modern.

Erin’s training business Lingle Fitness has a new website, and her branding photos look amazing!

6. Create new business cards and mailers.

New branding photos, mean new business cards and mailers. I enjoy ordering business cards and postcards from Moo (they allow you to include unlimited photos).

7. Add fresh images to revitalize your blog posts

Is your blog still using stock photos with your blog content? Add pictures from your branding shoot to make your content more consistent and authentic — and most importantly, gain a connection with your audience.

8. You can send your recent photos to anyone requesting headshots for your speeches, feature blog posts, podcasts, or any platform where you are the guest speaker.

Have you recently updated your LinkedIn headshot? If not, you might want to before sending it out to prospective employers. Your new, refreshed headshot will express who you are and make you feel confident and happy to share it with anyone who requests it.

See how my client Kevette creates banners for her events using the headshot from her branding session.

Kevette's Event Banner

9. Make your links page more personal!

My clients love to use branding photos to convey messages in different mediums. Don’t let the usual list-of-buttons templates for link pages limit you. It’s an excellent place to add your personality to again connect you to your audience.

Kevette's Link Page

Are you getting the most out of your branding images? There are more than 20 placements!

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