Bi-Coastal Triumph: Creating Aarathi Krishnan’s Powerful Startup Brand from CA to NYC

The Initial Connection

It all started with a LinkedIn connection. Caitlin Lang, founder of Liquid Form Design based in California, reached out because she faced an intriguing challenge. A client, Aarathi Krishnan, was ready to launch a new business venture based in NYC, and Caitlin was tasked with designing and launching the new website. However, a website isn’t just about attractive designs; it’s about telling a resonant story. Caitlin needed exceptional branding photos to complement the site and encapsulate Aarathi’s vision. That’s where we came in.

Aarathi Krishnan, Founder of Raksha, NYC

Getting on the Same Page & Partnering

Caitlin and I began a deep collaboration, understanding that branding is not a one-size-fits-all approach. It’s essential to strike the perfect balance – representing your client authentically while considering the target audience. Caitlin had provided a branding brief, but my first step was to conduct a personal interview with Aarathi to make my assessment.

I needed to understand her audience’s mindset and style preferences firsthand. With this insight, I wasn’t just a photographer but a partner who was physically present in New York while my client was in California. I provided genuine feedback and direction for the photoshoot. The goal was to create something bold with eye-catching colors and a touch of NYC grit. This involved selecting a suitable studio space, poses, and everything.

Technology: A Modern Solution

In the collaborative effort to craft Aarathi Krishnan’s brand, cutting-edge technology was pivotal in bridging the geographical gaps between myself in New Jersey, Aarathi in New York City, and Caitlin in California. We utilized Notion effectively to construct a posing vision board and to get on the same page for other brand visuals.

One of the more challenging aspects of this project was how Caitlin could remain hands-on during the photoshoot despite the distance. Thanks to modern technology, she was virtually present, offering real-time feedback as each frame was captured.

During the photoshoot, Capture One Live software was our tool of choice. It enabled Caitlin to participate remotely and provide instantaneous feedback, ensuring every detail aligned with our collective vision.

This dynamic allowed us to pivot when necessary, ensuring every shot contributed to the overarching goal of the branding strategy. The result? Not just awesome photos, but a kick-ass website that genuinely embodies Arathi’s spirit and vision.

Throughout the process, Zoom was invaluable for remote meetings, including a critical interview during which I delved into understanding Aarathi’s audience directly from her. This enriching interview enriched our strategic approach and allowed us to tailor the photography to resonate deeply with her target viewers. This seamless integration of technology-facilitated a cohesive workflow and empowered us to produce an authentic and impactful brand image.

Aarathi Krishnan, Founder of Raksha, NYC

Synergy in Brooklyn NYC: The Photoshoot

During Aarathi Krishnan’s photo shoot, the true magic wasn’t in the high-tech or the expertly applied makeup; it was deeply rooted in the harmony of collaboration. Every team member, from the masterful makeup artist who brought forth Aarathi’s authentic self to Caitlin and me adjusting the visuals on the fly, demonstrated the crucial role of listening and being receptive to feedback.

This openness to critique isn’t just about making adjustments; it’s about embracing each other’s expertise and trusting the process. Aarathi played a pivotal role, instilling her trust in us while communicating her preferences. This synergy, where criticism is welcomed and each voice is valued, created the magic that carried the photoshoot to success. It’s a reminder that the best outcomes often result from collective effort and mutual respect.

Unveiling a Startup Brand

Aarathi Krishnan, Founder of Raksha, NYC

Introducing: Aarathi Krishnan & RAKSHA

I’m thrilled to introduce to you Aarathi Krishnan. She is a visionary and strategist at the helm of RAKSHA, a consultancy that delves into the complexities of global risk and decision intelligence. At RAKSHA, Krishnan and her team are dedicated to providing clients—the leaders in business, government, and various international bodies—with critical, AI-powered insights combined with expert human analysis. This symbiotic approach allows them to identify, understand, and respond effectively to emerging risks, thus preventing surprises and facilitating more informed decision-making processes.

Under her leadership, RAKSHA operates on principles firmly rooted in liberation, justice, equity, and plurality—aimed at protecting the most vulnerable and promoting resilience against global uncertainties. This commitment to ethical values and empowerment is reflected in every facet of their service, from strategy advisory and analytics to customized risk anticipation systems, all tailored to enable businesses and communities to survive and thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Conclusion: Branding Photography & Partnerships

At Angela Atelier, we capture images, create brands, and partner with those who hire us. Every client has a unique story and a distinct path to market presence; our job is to facilitate that journey through tailored experiences. No client will receive a one-size-fits-all solution.

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