An Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey: 3 Neverending Quests for Freedom as a Tomboy, an Introvert, and a Truent

Let me share my unconventional entrepreneurial journey with you. Going from a rebellious kid to who I am now at 57 it’s been quite a ride. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, my past versions of myself lead me here, and it’s so apparent to me now. This post is a follow-up to my Unapologetically Nonconforming: Embracing My Backstory, where I start exploring my life’s path.

Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey: The Tomboy Spirit

Growing up as a tomboy, I felt constrained by society’s expectations. Being confined to traditional gender roles wasn’t my thing. I craved freedom – the freedom to express myself without societal restrictions. Ditching frilly dresses for jeans, I desired to break free from the limitations imposed on girls. It was a constant battle against the norms, and all I wanted was to be outside, soaking up the sunshine and climbing those monkey bars. I yearned for the freedom to be who I was, without conforming to outdated stereotypes.

Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey: The Introvert

Living in a bustling household (an apartment in Washington Heights New York) presented a constant challenge of finding personal space. As an introvert, I often needed to seek refuge in books. They became my sanctuary, allowing me to escape into endless possibilities and daydreams. One of my favorite daydreams was flying away on a jet-black horse named BRECK. Some might consider BRECK to be an imaginary friend, but that’s a topic I may explore in another post.

Despite having numerous brothers and sisters, I explored my neighborhood alone. While one might assume that with so many siblings, we would form a unified clan, I actually cherished my solitude. It was my way of seeking freedom amidst the chaos that constantly surrounded me.

I found solace in stealing quiet moments in the bathroom and losing myself in captivating stories. Books became my ticket to a world where I could find peace and tranquility despite the bustling environment of my home.

Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey: The Education Truent

School felt suffocating. The traditional education system didn’t resonate with me. Rather than being inspired and encouraged, I felt forced to memorize information without truly understanding its significance. This led me to rebel against the conventional approach to learning. Skipping classes became my form of protest, my way of seeking freedom from a system that failed to nurture individuality and passion.

Where did I go when I wasn’t in class? As a teenager, I used to hang out with other teenagers near the school but far enough away from it. As a child, I go to nearby parks to embark on my own adventures as an explorer! So much more fun than school.

Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey: The Unwilling Corporate Employee

I ended up in the corporate world, which, in hindsight, was the complete opposite of freedom. However, due to societal expectations and financial constraints, I had to take that path. I had bills to pay, so I had to find a job to meet those expenses.

Anything else was not an option for me. I remember distinctly walking into an abandoned building in New Brunswick, NJ, to visit a friend of a friend. They were squatters in the building, living there for free. I found the idea of living rent-free appealing at that time, but I never did it. Like everyone else, I got a job and paid rent — but that memory of the squatters tells me now how it didn’t align with my spirit. I was all about survival, but deep down, I yearned for something more fulfilling.

Unconventional Entrepreneurial Journey: Now

It took me three decades to break free from the corporate chains and create my own path. The journey was far from easy, but it shaped me into the resilient entrepreneur I am today. My unconventional rebellion against societal norms led me to pursue entrepreneurship. It’s a feat that speaks volumes about the power of resilience and determination in the face of adversity.

My journey is a testament to the unyielding spirit of rebellion and the pursuit of freedom. If there’s one thing I hope to inspire in others, it’s the courage to question norms and seek their own path. So, to all the freedom seekers out there, embrace your narrative, defy the odds, and carve your unique journey to success.

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