Building my Brand in Mexico City: A Story of Travel and Creative Empowerment

Hey there, ladies! So, I’ve been itching to get to know Mexico City for a minute now. I finally made it happen; let me tell you, I loved it.

My visit to Mexico City was the last stop of a two-week trip. In the first week, we were in Costa Rica. You can read about Costa Rica here.

As a business owner, I couldn’t just drop everything for two weeks. So, we intentionally took it easy during the trip and didn’t book any excursions. We kept talking about them non-stop because, in our past life, we could fill our days with activity – but we never actually booked any.

I worked in the mornings, and we savored the local vibe in the afternoons and evenings doing simple things.

We stayed in Roma Norte, a neighborhood known for its charming tree-lined streets and laid-back vibe. It was clean, easy to navigate on foot, and packed with trendy restaurants. The neighborhood is excellent for branding photos, too.

Building my brand in mexico city
Build Your Personal Branding While Traveling

One of the best ways to soak in the local vibe is by exploring the food scene, and that’s what we did with relish—from tacos to fancier cuisines.

Here are a few places we hit:

How Mexico City Helped Build by Brand

I spent a couple of afternoons exploring the city as a branding photographer, and finding the perfect spot that genuinely represents me was a fun challenge. I managed to capture some fantastic branding photos that showcase my style. The city’s vibrant energy inspired my creativity; the photos were fantastic.

building my brand in mexico city
Build Your Brand While Traveling

Mexico City didn’t just meet my expectations; it blew them out of the water. I can’t wait to go back and explore even more. Stay tuned for the next adventure, ladies!

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