My Favorite Camera Bags

Hey there, fellow photographers! Today, I want to chat about my favorite camera bags. Well, they’re not camera bags at all. I prefer to use regular bags and convert them into camera bags using camera inserts.

A little background

Stop the Madness

I have a little background story to share. When I first began my photography journey, I was intrigued by the gear and bags involved. As a woman, I already had a collection of designer bags in my closet for various occasions. Therefore, when I needed a bag for my photography gear, I didn’t want to settle for those typical black bags. I was on a quest to find a bag that was both functional and fashionable.

And I found them, but here’s the thing. They were expensive for what they did, and where do you keep all these bags that do not so much? I wouldn’t use them for work because they were usually boxy and outfitted inside to carry a camera. So, on any given workday, I carried several bags. My purse, camera bag, lunch bag, and laptop bag were there. Whoa! What a pain in the ass! It was just another expense, another storage problem to manage.

So, at a certain point, I stopped buying camera bags. Stop the madness, people! Instead, I purchased a custom insert to protect my gear in the bags I own or want to buy. A bag that has multiple uses beyond just carrying your camera gear.

And let’s be honest, walking around with a typical camera bag can sometimes scream, “Hey, I’ve got expensive equipment in here. Come steal me!” Not the vibe I’m going for.

Let me introduce you to my top picks for bags I haul around my beloved cameras.

First up, my trusty spinner. It’s roomy, stylish, and fits all my essentials. With the help of a camera insert, it becomes the perfect carry-all and fits all my gear.

  • Mirrorless Camera w/Lens
  • 2 Speedlight & Holders
My favorite camera bag for hauling a lot of stuff
Hartmann Deluxe Underseat Carryon Spinner $329 Amazon

I’ve used this bag for over five years and still have it, and I love its versatility. I used it for the office to carry my laptop and essentials for the day, including my lunch. I used it for travel and carted my camera gear for on-location gigs, including NYC.

The next item is my Longchamp Re-Play crossbody bag. I adore this bag because it adds a pop of color to any outfit, and its size is perfect for carrying my camera and lens when I’m traveling and taking photographs. It’s great for exploring new places and capturing all the beautiful sights.

my favorite camera bag for travel
Longchamp Re Play $310

The Inserts

My favorite camera bags won’t work without inserts

So, how do I turn my regular bags into camera bags? It’s simple – camera inserts. I’ve got a custom-fit one from an Etsy seller that fits perfectly into a spinner bag. You can easily pick them up on Amazon. These inserts have padded compartments and adjustable dividers to keep my camera and lenses safe and organized. They also usually come with extra pockets for storing memory cards, batteries, and other accessories.

With the help of camera inserts, any bag I have can carry my gear, making life simple. Plus, I love the bonus of not paying attention to the fact that I carry expensive camera gear. It’s a win-win!

Tenba BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) is my go-to insert for $35 and up. This is the one I use in the messenger bag.

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