Discover Breathwork Expert Megan Callus and Her Mission to Help You Heal and Find Joy in Life! 

Welcome to the exciting debut post of Startup Stories! We proudly showcase the incredible journey of breathwork expert Megan Callus, the visionary behind Boundless Breath.

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 About Megan, the breathwork expert

breathwork expert Megan Callus

Megan Callus, a renowned expert in neuroscience-based breathwork, is making waves in the field as a specialist and coach. Recently featured in Oprah Daily, Megan’s dedication to spreading scientifically grounded breathwork practices is evident. Her mission is clear: to help individuals on their journey toward healing and lead lives filled with presence and joy.

With a unique background that combines breathwork science, spiritual insights, and a deep understanding of neurobiological trauma, Megan skillfully guides her clients through their challenges. She equips them with the necessary tools to navigate trauma, manage anxiety, combat fatigue, and address chronic illnesses. Her guidance empowers clients to nurture improved health, renewed energy, and elevated well-being.

Megan’s path to becoming a breathwork expert had its challenges. She discovered her calling, realizing that very few others possessed the expertise and knowledge in the scientific and spiritual realms, coupled with a genuine desire to help others overcome their pain and find peace in their daily lives. However, this journey came with its fair share of financial insecurity for Megan and her daughters as she built her business.

Despite the challenges, Megan remains resilient, using her tools and seeking guidance from others. She also connects with her higher self and trusts the divine path before her. Though she admits to occasionally being crippled by fears and insecurities, Megan firmly believes that she was put on this planet to do this work. This belief allows her to set aside her ego and take action that she hopes will benefit others.

Becoming an entrepreneur without financial backing is not for the faint of heart. Megan has had to confront every dark corner of her mind, face deep-seated insecurities, and confront multiple traumas. The fear of failure can be overwhelming, but she has learned to shed layers of ego, practice what she preaches, and sincerely trust higher forces such as God, the Divine, or the Universe.

Megan is on a healing journey alongside her clients, understanding that it is not a linear path of work and success. Every day brings change, growth, steps backward, falls, and attempts to try again. Finding peace and joy in this process involves staying connected with others, fully appreciating the changes she witnesses in her clients, and tapping into the radiant spirit within. Her belief in divine orchestration has grown stronger since embarking on this journey.

Megan sees herself firmly rooted in the spiritual side of her work, serving as a bridge that connects the science and material aspects to the spiritual realm. She envisions herself working at retreats and being a speaker at large business and healing conferences and workshops. Her goal is to help others utilize their breath to heal and reawaken their light, strength, spirit, and resilience.

Megan Callus’s expertise in neuroscience-based breathwork is transforming lives. Through her scientifically grounded practices and deep understanding of trauma, she guides clients toward healing and cultivates lives filled with presence and joy. Despite her challenges as an entrepreneur, Megan remains dedicated to her mission. Her journey has taught her the importance of shedding ego, trusting in higher forces, and finding peace and joy in growth. With her vision of bridging science and spirituality, Megan aims to continue helping others tap into their inner strength and power through breathwork.

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