How to Identify and Refine Your Personal Brand Before a Photoshoot

How to Identify Your Personal Brand

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In an increasingly digital age, understanding your personal brand is crucial. Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established business magnate, periodically revisiting and refining your personal brand can significantly impact how you’re perceived. Here’s a guide on how to nail down your personal brand identity.

How to Identify Your Personal Brand

1. Use Worksheets to Kickstart the Process 

One of the initial steps in refining a brand is introspection. Worksheets that prompt individuals to think about their core values, the feelings they want to evoke, and their goals for the upcoming year can be instrumental. Not only does this approach help crystallize the brand identity, but it also ensures that any subsequent branding photography or visual representations are in sync with the identified brand voice.

2. Embrace Evolution 

Your personal brand isn’t static. It’s a dynamic entity, evolving with time, experience, and changing goals. The idea is not to entirely reinvent but to fine-tune and up-level, ensuring that your brand always feels current and authentic.

3. Create a Shot List Tailored to Your Needs

Once you’ve redefined your brand, list down the various visual assets you might need for the year. Are there podcasts, newsletters, or blogs on the horizon? Every branding image should have a clear purpose. This precision ensures a return on investment, as every photo finds its home in your brand’s ecosystem.

4. Determine the Look and Feel 

The aesthetic of your personal brand speaks volumes. Some might resonate with a light and airy feel, while others may prefer a moodier vibe. This distinction is pivotal. For instance, a brand rooted in darker colors and a moody atmosphere would benefit from documentary-style photos with lower light and pronounced shadows. On the other hand, a brand that epitomizes freshness might lean towards bright, white photography.

More on Branding Aesthetics 

An illustrative example involves a client who preferred a darker, more mysterious ambiance. Contrary to the conventional bright photography, the approach here pivoted towards more shadows, lower light, and a documentary style. The idea is that the brand’s visual language must echo its essence. Whether you’re inclined towards the darker end of the spectrum or the lighter side, it’s essential to ensure that this vibe is consistently reflected across all your platforms, from your website to social media.

Identifying and refining your personal brand is an ongoing journey. As you grow, pivot, and evolve, your brand should mirror this transformation. Remember, the objective isn’t just to showcase who you are but to resonate with your audience authentically. Whether you’re using branding worksheets, photography, or introspective exercises, the goal remains: to establish a personal brand that’s both genuine and compelling.

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