10 Lessons learned from being raised by a strong woman.

A single mom raised me, so I want to share the 10 lessons learned from being raised by a strong woman! Let’s get to it.

  1. The power of independence. One will understand that there is no need for a partner to rescue or provide for you, as you can lead a fulfilling and joyous life on your own. You learn that you can achieve many things, such as constructing a dwelling, bringing up children, cooking, and washing dishes – all while having a successful career. You discover that you are a true superhero.
  2. The understanding of unconditional love. Your mother dedicated her time, wellness, and youth to you and your siblings, never voicing her struggles or hard work. Despite everything, she kept a smile and continued to give out of her own will. She taught you the meaning of selfless and unconditional love, which cannot be found elsewhere.
  3. I knew how to love myself. You can learn when it is time to move away from what is not meant for you, keep going even if the whole universe is against you, and trust yourself even if everyone else doubts you. You comprehend that bad grades, heartache, and disappointments don’t define you; what does is how you react to these setbacks and how hard you strive for the life you wish for.
  4. The Understanding of how strength and gentleness can coexist. Mothers tend to be tenderhearted, even if they don’t outwardly show it. You saw your mom shedding a few tears when you were hurt, staying up late to care for you when you were ill, or being unable to sleep due to your worries—her hugs when you were down demonstrated her profound sympathy and kindness.
  5. The ability to stand up for myself. You come to terms with the fact that your thoughts may not always be taken seriously, but you also know that you can make a name for yourself and ensure your voice is heard. You understand that whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.
  6. Never look back. You understand that it is not beneficial to gaze into the rearview mirror. You realize it is futile to ponder all of the “what ifs” and “could have been.” You cease to cast your gaze back, questioning why life has been tumultuous. Instead, you concentrate on the future and allow the past to make amends for itself. You comprehend that whatever has occurred has brought you to the place in life that you are meant to be, even if it is not something you have ever desired.
  7. This, too, shall pass. Troubles will vanish, and the following day is a new day. You discover how to have patience with life, time, success, and problems. You understand that patience is power.
  1. Generate your own happiness. Even if life is tough, you can still be content. My Mom taught me there is always something to be pleased about in any situation; all it takes is a closer look.
  2. She’s always been right. Regardless of the age gap between you, and no matter how much you might not agree with her decisions regarding matters of the heart, if your mother has something to say about it, you would be wise to take her advice. It’s difficult admitting it, but she’s always been right.
  1. You mother, how you were mothered. How to mother is something you learn. Your mother was a role model, demonstrating the values of hard work, devotion, protection, kindness, understanding, and strength. You may not be aware of it, but the way you mother your own family is very much in the same vein as how you were mothered yourself.

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