6 easy steps to a sustainable lifestyle

Living a more sustainable lifestyle might feel daunting, but know that the most challenging part is already done: you have chosen to do something different. Now, all you have to do is figure out where to begin. Don’t worry, though; you can do it! Here are our six easy steps to a sustainable lifestyle. Addressing minor, achievable goals with easy modifications to your daily life is the easiest way to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Easy steps to a sustainable lifestyle

1. Opt for local and in-season grocery items :

By purchasing locally sourced goods, you are lowering carbon dioxide emissions because of the reduced need for fossil fuels to transport these items to stores. Furthermore, you are decreasing the number of plastic bags used since you buy fewer packaged products.

2. Reducing, Repurposing, Recycling :

Here are several easy steps to a sustainable lifestyle, but they all go hand-in-hand.

Individuals can reduce the amount of waste generated and improve their waste management routine by following the 3Rs rule. It is beneficial to be aware of your local recycling laws. Furthermore, decreasing the production and consumption of products can aid in waste reduction. Additionally, reusing objects for different applications instead of discarding them is advantageous. Lastly, recycling items such as aluminum cans, plastic, paper, and glass, which can be recycled into new items, is a great way to reduce waste.

5 easy things you can do right now to reduce your plastic use

  • Use a reusable water bottle versus buying bottled water while on the go. At home, buy a water purifier vs. bottled water.
  • Use bar soap versus buying liquids or gels, or replace the disposable plastic containers used in your body washes and shampoos with refillable glasses and jars that will last over time. 
  • Ditch the disposable shower pouf for a quality shower glove. You’ll save money too.
  • Switch to household cleaners that offer a refill system.
  • Say goodbye to single-use bags shopping bags.

3. Lower the energy used in your home :

Pay attention to the energy you are wasting. Make sure to turn off lights and appliances you are not using and replace them with LED bulbs which can save 40% energy and have a much longer lifespan. Adjust your thermostat, so it does not run when you are not home. Instead of turning on the air conditioning, you can open a window to cool off.

4. Decrease the amount of water you use:

Consider reducing the length of showers or investing in a low-flow showerhead.

5. Refrain from utilizing single-use disposable items :

This one should be at the top of our list of easy steps to a sustainable lifestyle.

From forks and razors to cups and plastic bags, there is now an environmentally friendly option for all your everyday needs!

6. Decrease meat consumption :

Cutting back on your meat intake can have a massive environmental effect. Roughly one-third of the globe is employed in caring for and keeping livestock. A UN study found that the animal husbandry industry contributes 9% of all CO2 emissions from human activities but produces a significant portion of even more harmful greenhouse gases. Consequently, reducing your meat consumption is fundamental to decreasing total gas emissions.

I have been on a sustainability mission for the last ten years, so making changes takes time. If you want to take it further, click here for more ideas.

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