Branding mini photoshoots – the easy guide on when to use them

Have you heard a photographer announce they are “now booking branding mini photoshoots or sessions” and then wondered what it meant? Today, we will explain a branding mini-session, so let’s get started!

What is the definition of a mini-photoshoot (or session)?

Photographers may offer branding mini photoshoots, or mini sessions, at a predetermined date and location. These photoshoots take much less time and work than a full session and are usually the most economical package.

The cost of mini-sessions is kept low because multiple clients can be scheduled back-to-back. This is more than what a photographer would book on a regular day. Additionally, travel costs and time are saved since the sessions are all held in the same location. Therefore, this is how a photographer can give the reduced cost for the mini sessions!

Now that we understand mini-sessions, we must discuss the difference between booking branding mini-photoshoots and a fully Tailored Experience.

Main differences between our branding mini photoshoots and our full-service session

The difference between branding mini-photoshoots and full service is evident in this image.
Here is a visual example of the difference between a branding mini-photoshoot and a full-service session. A mini serves a specific purpose.
Your Brand Refresh MiniThe Tailored Session
PREP: You get a prep and style guide to help you confidently select your outfits.PREP: You get a one-on-one design and planning session with me.
BRAND ASSESSMENT: No. You bring your outfits, and we’ll style you on the spot.BRAND ASSESSMENT: Yes.
THE SESSION: You get a 2-hour photo session, including professional hair and makeup, styling, a fully guided photoshoot (posing and coaching), and image selection.THE SESSION: You get a 4-hour photo session, including professional hair and makeup and a fully guided photoshoot (posing and coaching).
FLEXIBILITY: None. You are one of several clients. Your slot is fixed.FLEXIBILITY: You are the only client for the day.
IMAGE SELECTION: You can select your images on the spot at your photoshoot.IMAGE SELECTION: You get a one-on-one reveal session where I help you select the best images based on your brand assessment.

When is the optimal time to secure branding mini-photoshoots (session)?

For most business owners, their brand identity evolves. My current look and feel took five years of trial and error. If you’re in the developing phase, mini-sessions are an ideal way to go. They are useful for getting your launch off the ground and getting a feel for what you need and what look you want to achieve down the road.

Established businesses will also find branding minis useful if they require only a few shots, such as a new headshot or a small-scale branding portfolio. They are also helpful when needing several team photos, eliminating the need to coordinate them into the main Tailored photo session.

When is it necessary to reserve a complete session?

Mini sessions aren’t the solution if your business has a well-established brand identity. To achieve images that authentically represent your brand, you’ll need the time and customization services of a full session (our Tailored session). You’ll also need a higher yield of photos if you require images for a launch, advertisement, rebrand, or website, which can only be achieved will the full session. Your photographer needs time to design each shot, including location, and you’ll be able to bring the props and wardrobe you need while having plenty of time to switch and modify things.

Common questions regarding mini sessions

Is it possible to book branding mini-photoshoots like you would a full session?

No, this would not be beneficial for the photographer. Branding mini photoshoots are scheduled and planned by the photographer like a special event, so future booking is not possible. The photographer plans everything well in advance and on a set date, like the location and what looks will be offered. They schedule sessions in succession, which helps minimize the overall cost and keeps the price of admission much lower than a full-blown session.

Are you all set to book a brand mini-brand photoshoot?

If, after reading this blog post, you have decided that it’s time to book a mini-brand photo shoot, you are in luck! My mini-sessions are scheduled regularly at my studio. Get on our email list and receive notifications about dates.

I look forward to seeing you there!!

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