What’s the Connection with Vintage Luggage & Networking?

Networking and vintage luggage have absolutely nothing in common. Still, I have always enjoyed finding something rare and exclusive, and this was no different when I searched for vintage luggage to serve as storage. This was a decade ago because when I gave both eBay and Etsy a try, it was a very time-consuming and tedious process that often ended up with me being disappointed in the condition of the item, which in this case, were thankfully smaller pieces I could still utilize. I wanted some bigger pieces, so I adopted a “wait and see” attitude since I wanted to inspect them in person before making a purchase. As I said, this was ten years ago, and although I frequent thrift stores a few times a year, I had no luck.

Then, the Central and North Jersey Chapter of NAWBO held their last networking gathering of 2022 at STuFF with IGGIE, and my luck changed. I saw the luggage propped on a very high shelf in the group meeting room; the ladies probably wondered why my eyes kept darting up. I couldn’t wait to look closer because I was ready to purchase the set.

The Event

NJ Networking for Women
Great conversations with a great group of women.

And it did work out for me because here’s the luggage. I haven’t filled it with anything yet, but it will likely be used to store extra bedding.

NJ Networking for Women

About STuFF with IGGIE

Have you ever had the urge to explore something new, something that sparks your curiosity? Then I recommend you look no further than STuFF with IGGIE – A Curiosity Shoppe in Midland Park, NJ. From vintage finds to custom creations, this shop has something for everyone. They feature a wide variety of items from the past, present, and future, IGGIE’s shop is a wonderful way to take a step away from the mundane and explore something new, especially vintage luggage.

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