The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Gift Guide Header

The holidays are a time to celebrate with family, friends, and loved ones. But these celebrations can be stressful. Your mother-in-law may be nervous about cooking, making crafts, or hosting a party. You may be stressed about what to buy for everyone. To help you relax and enjoy the holidays, I put together my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, listing my favorite finds this year that are sure to make perfect gifts for your loved ones.

2022 Gift Guide - Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Gifts for the Entrepreneur

  1. Appointed’s Limited Edition Tool Kit is a good choice if you want your favorite tools of the trade to be organized. This American-made, steel tool kit has a matte powder coating and is available in many colors. This gift will not only be functional but also become the family heirloom. $80 from Appointed.
  2. The Bloon Sitting Ball is a wonderful addition to any decor, providing a splash of color and a solid core. Sitting balls are abundant, but this one is unique in that it combines beauty with function. My own two sitting balls are grey and aqua. Sitting actively helps you work out your core, so this is great for entrepreneurs with busy zoom schedules or those creating gift guides who have to sit for a long time. $220 Available on Amazon.
  3. This gift is sure to brighten her day. She will love this stylish Periduo keyboard and mouse, which are wireless and portable. Desk work demands a brightening of the day. $34 Available on Amazon.
  4. Every busy lady needs a reusable to-go cup, which should also be pretty. This one fits the bill to the T. It will keep her beverage hot while looking good doing it. $24-30 on Amazon.
2022 Gift Guide - Gifts for the Homebody

Gifts for the Homebody

  1. Yes, she needs a wok. I purchased my first wok last year and can’t believe how lived without it. It uses less oil than a frying pan and will never steam your food. This one from Babish is a perfect choice. It’s made from carbon steel, and it’s a steal. $50 on Amazon.
  2. She’ll love sleeping with this chunky-knit cotton throw because she will sleep deeper, and wake up feeling rested and revitalized (medically confirmed, of course). $199 at Bearaby.
  3. I think of puzzles as mental floss in a box and winter is the perfect season for them. This one from Cavalini Paper is an absolute stunner and will remind her of warmer days ahead. $24.95 at Barnes & Noble.
  4. It’s important to remember the women who paved our way. This t-shirt will do just that beautifully, pairs perfectly with jeans or lounge pants. $24.00 on Etsy.
2022 Gift Guide - Gifts for the Traveler

Gifts for the Traveler

  1. This is the perfect little splurge for frequent flyers who get dry, cracked lips from too much forced dry air. The best part is the dual function – sesame and raspberry seed oils help soften and nourish. At the same time, it enhances the lip’s natural beauty helping the weary traveler look put together after a “red-eye” without looking like she’s trying too hard. $69 at Hermes.
  2. The perfect travel companion for Airbnbs and hotel rooms alike. She’ll always be prepared for a little music with this uber-tiny, light, but surprisingly potent speaker. $41 @ Amazon.
  3. Once you gift this pretty sanitizer, she’ll ditch her ugly Purell bottle. Equally effective but easier to apply and nourish the skin (which is important). $25 for three at Amazon.
  4. This bag is perfection. It’s so well-organized and light, a perfect personal carry-on, and so buttery soft, it could serve as a pillow on an overnight flight; so stylish, she’ll want to tour the city with it once she lands. You have to get her this bag. $275 at Neiman Marcus.