You’ve put in the hard work to build a successful business, and it’s time to show the world who you are and what you represent, but starting to market yourself may have you feeling overwhelmed. 

You are my favorite person. I help women feel confident in presenting their real selves to their audience. You are my celebrity. I create a fun and easy easy experience so your  brand photographs will resonate with your audience.  


Personal Branding

what is a personal brand?

A personal brand is a unique set of qualities, values, and characteristics you share with the world. It's how you present yourself to the world and what people think of you when they hear your name. Developing a personal brand for yourself can help you stand out and make yourself more memorable. One of the best ways to express your personal brand is through personal branding photography. This type of photography is focused on capturing your brand's essence and showing the world who you are. Personal branding photography can be used in various ways, from creating content for social media to using it on your website or print. Whether you're an entrepreneur, artist, or public figure, having a strong personal brand can help you connect with your audience and make an impact. Investing in personal branding photography is a great way to take your brand to the next level.

how it works

No two brands are alike. I roll up my sleeves to dig into the details of what makes you unique. Your voice, stregths, values.

I take the stress off of you by giving you everything you need to prepare for your shoot with confidence, including a prep and style guide and wardrobe resources. I check in often to make sure you're never overwhelmed. 

On this day you get to experience what it's like to have a small entourage. You show up as the leader of your business and just have fun. I will coach, pose and direct you-- body language and expressions--to capture your brand story.  

This is when you'll see your images for the first time. I walk you through your gallery to help you select your favorite images for our signature retouching and digital media package.

1. design & plan

2. styling & wardrobe

3. photoshoot

4. the reveal

“I could not have asked for a better experience. they prepared me well, so  i felt so comfortable.” 

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Prices start at

You get stylized branding images shot in our studio or on location. Our celebrity-level service helps you show up authentically and confidently in your photos. In addition, I get to know you and your business. I guide you to help you achieve your desired results. I also provide everything you need to prepare and stylize your shoot so you can focus on your business. You also get resources, so you get the most of our digital images.

  • Zoom Design & Planning Session
  • Pre-shoot prep and Style Guide
  • Production Sheet & Shot List Collaboration
  • Headshots & Lifestyle 
  • 4 hours of celebrity-level service, including professional hair & makeup
  • Four outfits so you can mix and match for portrait or branding
  • Order reveal appointment
  • All images are beautifully retouched

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