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Developing Angela Atelier into a prosperous personal branding photography business combined with a networking hub for entrepreneurs is a tough haul, especially since I’m just getting started. But one of the most vital things I’ve learned recently is how powerful limiting beliefs in business can be. Limiting beliefs kept me in Corporate longer than I […]

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Free yourself from these 3 limiting beliefs in business, keeping safe but trapped

March 25, 2023

prop ideas for you next photoshoot

You may be thinking about your brand photoshoot or already have it scheduled, which is super exciting! It’s time to plan your shoot for success, so this blog post is for you. Today, it’s all about the props. This post gives you 40 prop ideas for your branding photoshoot and the why and the how. […]

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40 clever and quick prop ideas for your branding photoshoot (and how to choose the right ones).

March 18, 2023

Those who own businesses understand the importance of investing in your company. From learning to legal to finances and marketing – there are numerous elements to consider. Yet, one may wonder when the best time to arrange a brand photoshoot is and how it fits in with the other components. Better said, you may wonder […]

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When to invest in branding photos: the surprising and honest truth.

March 11, 2023

What do you think about positive affirmations – do they work? There are generally three perspectives that I noticed about them – never heard of them, heard of them but consider them to be unsubstantiated or completely devoted to them. Well, I must admit that I am part of the last group. I recite them […]

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Do positive affirmations work?

February 11, 2023

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

It’s not uncommon to see people cringe when the topic of self-love arises as if it is trite and pampering. Nevertheless, your strength comes from your heart, and everything else changes when you become your source of adoration. Your associations, job, and well-being all thrive when you start to love yourself. Although we all understand […]

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5 steps to self-love: a beginner’s guide

February 4, 2023