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Traveler or Homebody NJ Photographer Angela A 1

Introduction As someone who loves to travel, I’ve often been asked whether I consider myself a traveler, which would suggest I’m not a homebody. Traveler or homebody? Which am I, and do I have to choose? I don’t believe we have to choose between being a traveler or a homebody one over the other. I […]

Tips & Tricks

Traveler or Homebody? Why not be both and enjoy the best of both worlds?

May 20, 2023

Paris Trip Redo Angela Atelier Personal Travel 2 scaled

Introduction – My Love for Paris Paris is the city of love, lights, and croissants! I have been a fan of this beautiful city since childhood. I grew up watching Audrey Hepburn and dreaming of walking along the Seine River, dining at quaint bistros, and exploring the vibrant culture of the French capital. This blog […]

Personal Stories

My Paris Trip Redo: Experiencing the City of Love and Lights for Real

May 13, 2023