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empowerment through photography

The Backstory of My Why How did I find empowerment through photography? Let’s start from the beginning. I navigated the corporate world for three decades, finding contentment but never complete […]

Feature Posts

Empowerment Through Photography: Unleashing Inner Strength and Breaking Invisible Chains

July 19, 2024

Mastering Female Posing Techniques

Since I decided to niche down my photography business to photograph women, mastering female posing techniques became my priority and my responsibility. This specialization demanded a solid commitment to learning […]


Mastering Female Posing Techniques: 1 Major Way I Create Fun & Transformative Photography Sessions in Our NJ Studio

June 21, 2024

Female Empower in Tokyo, Japan Mika Murata Success Wise

In the spirit of exploration and storytelling, my journey with the Gal Project recently led me to the lively streets of Tokyo – a vibrant chapter in our ongoing mission […]

Client Story

A Deep Dive into Female Empowerment in Tokyo: Spearheading New Paths with Mika Murata

June 1, 2024

The Initial Connection It all started with a LinkedIn connection. Caitlin Lang, founder of Liquid Form Design based in California, reached out because she faced an intriguing challenge. A client, […]

Client Story

Bi-Coastal Triumph: Creating Aarathi Krishnan’s Powerful Startup Brand from CA to NYC

May 25, 2024

stress-free environment

In Perth Amboy, NJ, amidst the bustling streets and the vibrant colors of creativity, lies Angela Atelier, a photography studio dedicated to empowering women through inclusivity, beauty, and self-love. But […]

Tips & Tricks

Cultivating an Empowered and Creative Stress-Free Environment in Perth Amboy, New Jersey

April 20, 2024