NJ and NY female entrepreneurs and business owners

Introduction to Startup Stories: A Photography Project for NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners As a photographer based in New Jersey, I have been fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit and the incredible stories of women in business. Over the years, I have captured the essence of numerous NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and […]

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We’re Celebrating NJ and NY Female Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with 1 Exclusive and Badass Project.

June 29, 2023

how to nail your branding shoot

‍ If you’re reading this you may have had a branding shoot in the past, and are wondering what went wrong. You either ended up with photos you never used, or your images that don’t even come close to your brand values. Want to know how to nail your branding shoot? Here’s how I help […]


Want to Know How to Nail Your Branding Shoot? Here’s 1 Crucial thing I Do to Help My Clients.

June 24, 2023

Have you heard a photographer announce they are “now booking branding mini photoshoots or sessions” and then wondered what it meant? Today, we will explain a branding mini-session, so let’s get started! What is the definition of a mini-photoshoot (or session)? Photographers may offer branding mini photoshoots, or mini sessions, at a predetermined date and […]


Branding mini photoshoots – the easy guide on when to use them

February 25, 2023

My 2022 Year in Review Personal Branding

This is the year I leaped into my dream life; how could I not write about it? I decided to forge on and write this post because I now have time to plan out and write better blog posts. Why is that? Because I finally left my day job to be a full-time portrait and […]


The 2022 Year in Review: Dream Life, Check

December 16, 2022

Personal Branding - Eileen Reiman Wellness Advocate

I’m one of those ladies who got her essential oils from Amazon, which has a wide range of quality – from premium to mysterious origin. That’s when I encountered Eileen, who made me aware of doTERRA. The doTERRA difference is everything that goes into their brand. You get an education, a pure product with traceable […]

Client Story

Client Feature: Eileen Reiman doTERRA

December 13, 2022