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Living an honest, purposeful, and fulfilled life—a contented life—is a lifelong process of inner work.

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How to get your headshot right.

Get the Best Headshot Money Can Buy. Here’s Why.  It is the most powerful marketing tool for authors, professionals, and businesswomen. Unfortunately, many women cut corners to save a few dollars or hate being photographed. As a result, too many women mess up their headshots. It’s time to get serious! When potential clients see that […]

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A Professional Headshot is Worth the Money (+tips)

October 17, 2022

You can find Sandra’s episode: Podcast version on Spotify. Video version on YouTube. Diana Prince Launches Episode No 2, which is about spirituality and real estate. I’m happy to announce Episode 2 of Diana Prince Lives Next Door with Sandra Kochman, the Reiki Realtor of Long Island. She’s a Diana Prince because she brings a […]

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Spirituality and Real Estate? How it’s done with Sandra Kochman

October 7, 2022

  October is Emotional Well-being Month and although many different things determine if we are emotionally healthy, there are certain cues that we all recognize. We may notice a shift in eating habits, poor sleep, less self-care, diminished sex drive, and diminished energy levels. Want to know if you’re emotionally healthy? Ask yourself these questions […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Emotional Health

October 1, 2022

Photographers frequently advise what you should or shouldn’t wear during a shoot. They do this so that your images will look as wonderful as possible. When you discuss what you want to wear and consider their thoughts, the pictures are much more likely to be fantastic. Remember that although your photographer will offer suggestions on what […]

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How to Style Your Next Photoshoot: The Guide

September 14, 2022

Listen & Subscribe on Spotify Watch on YouTube Angela Atelier Channel Are you a woman who keeps many balls in the air, doing it all and feeling burnt out? Sometimes It’s good to get a little recognition for how great you are. And if you found this page, it’s perhaps because you were looking for […]

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Diana Prince Lives Next Door – a Podcast for Women, by Women

September 2, 2022