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Clever Fox Planner Details

Are you looking for the perfect planner to help you organize your life? You’re not alone! Many people turn to planners to help them prioritize their daily tasks and goals. But I haven’t used one as of yet. I’ve tracked my goals and tasks electronically using ClickUp. My main task list lately is on my […]

Tips & Tricks

Looking for your perfect planner? Here’s how I found mine.

December 27, 2022


What are grateful for? When you hear this question, how often have you answered with something like your job, your significant other, an opportunity someone gave you, etc.? I have realized that having certain things and supportive people in your life are blessings, but the real blessing begins with knowing your value. How do you […]

Tips & Tricks

How to Express Gratitude: The Truth

December 23, 2022

Luggage and Networking

Networking and vintage luggage have absolutely nothing in common. Still, I have always enjoyed finding something rare and exclusive, and this was no different when I searched for vintage luggage to serve as storage. This was a decade ago because when I gave both eBay and Etsy a try, it was a very time-consuming and […]

Personal Stories

What’s the Connection with Vintage Luggage & Networking?

December 20, 2022

My 2022 Year in Review Personal Branding

This is the year I leaped into my dream life; how could I not write about it? I decided to forge on and write this post because I now have time to plan out and write better blog posts. Why is that? Because I finally left my day job to be a full-time portrait and […]


The 2022 Year in Review: Dream Life, Check

December 16, 2022

Personal Branding - Eileen Reiman Wellness Advocate

I’m one of those ladies who got her essential oils from Amazon, which has a wide range of quality – from premium to mysterious origin. That’s when I encountered Eileen, who made me aware of doTERRA. The doTERRA difference is everything that goes into their brand. You get an education, a pure product with traceable […]

Client Story

Client Feature: Eileen Reiman doTERRA

December 13, 2022